Welcome to what will hopefully be a longer series of blogs about a lot of things.


The idea behind this is to provide my lazy brain with something to wax rhetoric on, so don’t be surprised if I’m less than 100% consistent. However, you can rely on finding the following topics here, on a regular basis.


1. Role-playing game related topics, character bios, interesting ideas and adventure synopsis’. RPGs take up a lot of my time and I enjoy them immensely, so this is where I’m wont to discuss their development with the wider world.

2. Board and Wargaming, another of my hobby horses, when something new and interesting comes out and I’ve had a go of it, I’ll try and stick something up here. Because obviously you desperately crave my input to make choices in your daily lives. I’m also trying to alot more figure painting as well, so I guess that’ll go up here too.

3. The fine art of killing people. I’m a martial artist and a scholar of military history and strategic studies. Mostly I tend towards the strategic studies end of things, so more of “how” rather than “why”. I like to think that a better understanding of one of humanities most basic and powerful instincts gives us a better understanding of ourselves. If you want a better historical analysis than I can usually give, then hop on over to http://neverfeltbetter.wordpress.com and my mate Dave will talk your ears off.

4. Anime. There, might as well admit that I’m an out and out anime freak now. I’ll usually sit down to watch a few of the new series as and when they come up and really even I’m not sure why because about 90% of it is complete GARBAGE but occasionally I get surprised.

5. Whatever else happens to tickle my fancy…


So! Now you have the general jist of things, hope to be seeing you alot more and feel free to comment.