So this is where I’ll be sticking the bulk of stuff about RPG’s though I may have to subdivide it even further. Because I’m a catagorical maniac like that.

My main game is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay third edition. This blog will have alot talking about that, but it’ll also have alot about various other systems including pathfinder, 40krp and anything else I happen to be playing, really, I want the discussion topics to be general enough that anyone who wants to chip in can do so.

My first blog here will be something I hope to get input from a number of different sources on, for a number of different game systems.

We’ll call it Quite the Character, obviously, I haven’t had the chance to ask anyone else about their characters, but with time, I’ll put together a format that everyone can answer. Also, hey,  it means someone else is doing all the work, which means this might get updated fairly frequently! Wahey!

First Question, what’s your character’s name?

Anierra Ierionessa.

In one sentence please, what’s their race, class, career, gender and any other statistical muck we need to get an “on paper” definition for them?

“It” is a High Elf Swordmaster.

What was your idea of the character when you first created it?

A high elf tourist of sorts, travelling the Empire with some unmentioned secret constantly compelling them to get in other people’s business.

How did that work out for you?

I initially thought I was going to play the strong silent type, since this was my first fighter character in a while(as well as my first character in a while, stupid being a GM all the time) but my big flappy mouth rapidly started and couldn’t stop. I’m now the sarcastic one of the group, which has proved to be surprisingly rewarding.

What do you think of your relationship with your GM?

He’s a remarkably sound guy, he’s willing to give us a lot of leeway in terms of developing our characters. But he still imposes the harsh background of the warhammer world with remarkable efficiency.

What do you think of your relationship with the other players?

I have this hilarious running conflict with one of the other players where I make fun of him and he gets all surly, honestly, it’s one of the best things about the game for me. All the players are veterans of the tabletop and also have good characters, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had such an excellent inter-party relationship.

Has your character had a defining moment that made you rethink how you played them?

Yes! I missed the bad guy! Something that isn’t easy to do in WFRP, yet I still managed. It also meant that our wizard got dropped because of it, so I like to think my character sort of beat themselves up over it.

That’s it. If I come up with any other questions I’ll post them up, if I like you, I’ll send you a little questionairre about your character.