My Online GM Daniel Wise gives us the down low on his Character…

I’ll have our campaign’s page on Obsidian Portal visible…somewhere… in the near future. Enjoy!

First Question, what’s your character’s name?

Erika Weiss (English equivalent Erica White)

In one sentence please, what’s their race, class, career, gender and any other statistical muck we need to get an “on paper” definition for them?

A human female adventurer who’s technical career is mercenary ex thief.

What was your idea of the character when you first created it?

Having a character who started out as an old hand at adventuring, rather than a brand new guy.  You name it she’s done it.

How did that work out for you?

Great but I haven’t had much of a run with her.  Because of the round table GM I have only played 1 and a half sessions with her as a full time character, she has spent 7 sessions as a glorified NPC which doesn’t allow for true character development because the only proper interaction I’ve had is with other PCs and not NPCS (as why would I talk to myself and steal the PCs spotlight)

What do you think of your relationship with your GM?

Well it’s good but I hate to sound like a dick but my GM isn’t as good as I am, I can no longer improve as a player based on what he offers.  He seems to start of strong and gets bored with it so he ends it quick.  In the 3 hours I’ve gotten to play Erika as a full PC I am his most effective story character as I know when to get the ball rolling if the other two are derailing the plot.

What do you think of your relationship with the other players?

Great.  One character views her as a scary mother figure and his either scared of her or awe inspired (he is a 15 year old kid).  The other views her as an old soldier (as she is an old soldier) and an adventurer’s resource.  The GM’s character views her as dependable but a little odd.  OOC I need to watch myself because I have a habit of taking the other characters spot light.  A. Because I am a GM I know how to talk to NPCs to get plot points out of them, if I do it too much the others guys don’t improve as players.

Has your character had a defining moment that made you rethink how you played them?

No not yet, upon spending time with her as a  GM’s PC I have decided to make her noticeably crueller than what I originally intended.  In my short times spent as a player I make this blatantly obvious.  Not so much as an NPC (don’t want to steal the show and all)

…And that’s all. I’m sort of enjoying this. Getting insight into people’s thought processes as they continue playing with their character’s is always fun. You can find my campaign with Dan at Sigmar’s Heirs. Dan’s other campaign is at Citizens of the Empire.