I pestered my fellow blogger and long time gaming buddy about one of his old characters from days of yore…
*Does a tearful sniffle while looking into the horizon while singing “memoriiiiiies…”*
First Question, what’s your character’s name?

Johann Smit

In one sentence please, what’s their race, class, career, gender and any other statistical muck we need to get an “on paper” definition for them?

Johann is a male human rogue/charlatan type, nominally heavy on the charisma and social skills.

What was your idea of the character when you first created it?

Basically, a sort of less bad-ass version of Han Solo, more cowardly and devious while retaining the snark. He was going to be the words-heavy guy, because tanks bore me and the other slots in the party were taken. Johann was meant to be a trickster and a con man.

How did that work out for you?

He changed a lot after a while. Playing the anti-hero can be fun, and I found myself drifting from the original concept a lot. Johann is a guy who will never admit it, but deep down he loves to be seen as the hero, provided he can do as little work as possible. That ended up being a lot more fun to play then the original idea, because I could retain the “cowardly” thing while also getting away with brief moment of “do-goodery”.

What do you think of your relationship with your GM?

I hate the bastard. Seriously though, it’s great. Aido encourages role-playing and evolving characters and doesn’t get too bogged down in a railway plot.

What do you think of your relationship with the other players?

Personally, fine. They were all, nearly anyway, good friends of mine before hand or became so after.

In game terms, Johann and myself rapidly became the most experienced members of that game (which lasted years and had lots of player turnover). To that end, I found myself taking the lead in a lot of ventures, with mixed results.

This wasn’t my intention to begin with, but so many players were new to the system, with new characters, that it sometimes seemed like I was in charge of the party (at least so far in that I suggested plans and got things moving sometimes).

In role-play terms, Johann often became something of a comic foil for other characters to berate or try and screw over in small ways, which kinda worked. Anto’ wizard and Bernard’s hobbit medic had that good kind of relationship with Johann.

Aido’s NPC of Anya Von Reuiter became the character Johann was almost centred around, an intentionally doomed romantic angle that I pushed from the outset because I thought it would be funny to try. I think it worked out really great, because it added to Johann’s more negative characteristics (lechery, obsession and thinking he’s a ladies man when he isn’t)

Has your character had a defining moment that made you rethink how you played them?

Pretty early on, with the “Dangy” thing as Johann and another player rescued this Imperial street urchin from fire-happy Witchhunters. I’m not really sure why I did that at the time, but it worked into how Johann switched from “con-man asshole” to “somewhat likable charlatan” very quickly. From then on, Johann was a much nicer (and somewhat more reliable) guy then he was originally intended to be.

Dave Costelloe has his own blog neverfeltbetter.wordpress.com where you can read about stuff like football and stuff that makes me come out in a rash. He also has some really excellent historical insight.