Another Quite the Character, I’m afraid there was no weekend post as I was a bit busy.
Fiachra is a long running player(read:victim) in my currently running WFRP3 campaign. We’ve been playing in various games for several years now, he recently got behind the screen to run some sessions of his own, including several excellent deathwatch games.
First Question, what’s your character’s name?
Uladin Rogunson.

In one sentence please, what’s their race, class, career, gender and any other statistical muck we need to get an “on paper” definition for them?
A male Dwarven Watchman.

What was your idea of the character when you first created it?
Originally he was a Dwarven lawman who had tracked a criminal into the Empire but had subsequently lost his trail. He would lend his skills as an investigator and warrior to the party as a way of searching the empire for his quarry.

How did that work out for you?
Most of that concept is still there although their have been some additions. For example it turned out that Uladin was the only real fighting type in the original group that wasn’t also a frothing berserker so he sort of took on a very defensive role. Unfortunately that meant dropping developing his investigation skills in favour of defensive abilities but that in itself has been interesting. Uladin sees himself a a protector, standing between his allies and the many nasty things they encounter even if it does lead to him taking bad beatings. His original background is still their as well, he has had a few runs in with his Nemesis but he is also interacting with the wider world a bit more, swearing vengeance for the death of his allies and gaining a sidekick.

What do you think of your relationship with your GM?
Nice try Aido .

Honestly I think we are getting on fairly well. He plays memorable NPC’s, gets the tone of the Old World right and explains the initially fairly intimidating mechanics of WFRP 3rd ed well. He also incorporates the character’s own background and private plotting into the game which is much appreciated.

What do you think of your relationship with the other players?
Pretty good I think. We all seem to be having fun which is the main thing.

Uladin hasn’t made too many enemies either, although there may be some tension with some of the less scrupulous PC’s upcoming.

Has your character had a defining moment that made you rethink how you played them?
His reaction to Dubrovich’s death may count. Before this he had been a little lax about always doing the right thing, but after one of the allies he was supposed to protect was abducted and murdered he rethought his outlook. Dubrovich had actually been quite a dubious character but guilt led to him being mythologised and Uladin being much more careful in his conduct.

Adopting Klaus, the afore mentioned sidekick, might also qualify. Klaus is an (apparently) fearsome mercenary who Uladin took pity on after he constituently failed to hit him for an entire fight. Now Uladin has a henchmen to help with carrying things and manual labour. I think it was a fairly good idea as it gave Uladin some more character and allowed for some (hopefully) entertaining interactions.