Alright, so I’ve spilled the beans on all the stuff for players without giving you any functional information to use the box, now it’s time to ruin the GM’s bits as well.


The first thing I should get out of the way is the somewhat pointless rules they put in for improved levels of challenge. Namely that you can now swap Chaos stars for challanges, and four chaos stars is an auto fail. Because we hadn’t already guessed that from having played the game. Chaos stars are probably one of the most feared results to come up on a dice, especially for a wizard. (Silly, silly fast firing wizards.) Having four of them show up on a roll should indicate a horror the likes of which mortal minds cannot comprehend appearing and handing you a summons order. So yeah, I thought those rules were already sort of a given.


Monsters…or rather NPC’s. But more specifically, ARCHAON THE MOTHERF*CKING EVERCHOSEN. The herald of the END TIMES. The Destroyer, the ultimate BADASS of the Old World, is stated and stuck in here and acting like he pays rent. Well, I suppose he’s not that big a badass, after all Grimgor Ironhide did slap him around like he…oh, hey, he’s in here too! Hey, there’s Mannfred Von Carstien! Sitting out to catch some rays… Whaddaya know, there’s Gaulrauch the great Drake, lazing by the pool. I’m annoyed, well, that is to say, I’m slightly miffed. I never really wanted to see the great and the terrifying of the warhammer world rendered down to characters that the PC’s can fight. It seems a mite gimicky. I’m also sorta worried someone out there might actually take on Archaon and win. Crazy, I know, that I would care about games that have no effect on me whatsoever, but I feel it’s figures like this that are part of the great wfrp background and that this brings them into the foreground. It’s a personal gripe more than anything. Admittedly, all the perpetual badasses portrayed are next to impossible to kill, having the same amount of wounds as some of the larger monsters in the creature guide. But they are still only next to impossible to kill. Which leads me to believe I’ll be chatting with someone on the FFG forums at some stage and hear them say “oh yeah, Archaon, we killed him easy,” just putting it here, I called it.

The other monster mechanics, on the other hand, I am very happy with. Mostly because they actually only give you three or four other nondescript baddies to deal with. (All of which are excellent, including the potentially unkillable Hell Pit Thing, and my favourite, the Arachnorak Spider, and as everyone knows, I do love a spider.) These are all somewhat supplemental to the dreaded monster career sheets. Want to make an all powerful commander? stick his monster card in the “lord” career, +2 to ALL his stats, another 10 wounds, extra soak, damage, all that fun stuff. It adds a huge degree of mallability to an already multifaceted monster pool. This is another jewel in the crown for this box. Making encounters so much more varied with relatively simple mechanic, well done all round.

Other stuff worth considering from the box? It’s mostly in the accompanying book, which mostly concerns running epic level adventures and dealing with epic level…stuff.  The writers do make a fairly big deal out of the fact that once characters hit rank four, they seem to gain some kind of celebrity status. I kind of prefer to think of them as being on their first steps towards attaining this kind of fame. I definitely don’t like the idea of them being as hard-ass as Luthor Huss, (he smacked Archaon in the face for God’s sake, do you have any idea how hard that guy is? Oh, wait, nevermind.) so maybe, I don’t know, this gets them an invitation to the next Heroes-‘R-Us convention but they don’t get invited to the after party. Basically, the way I see it, it’s nice to see all the hard work and adventuring pay off, but you’re not sitting on the throne yet monkey boy.

Other handy mechanics include the interesting large-scale-beneath-my-attention rolling system that can be used for battles, investigations and possibly sending minions to make you a sammich. Basically, a quick lesson in building a dice pool for an event that nobody is arsed actually seeing all the way through. What’s not to like about that?

Then there is the obligatory adventure that…I haven’t read through fully yet. I live in vain hope that someone will run it for me. I do love being the player occasionally.Ok, I read it, but not all of it, however, it does seem to keep to fantasy flight’s well run scheme of games up to this point. Uses all the useful stuff from the book, seems like it would be fun to play/run. Has some memorable characters. *shrug*


So job done. That’s the box for you, if you plan on letting your players live past career 3, go buy it because it fill in all the blanks as well as giving you halflings.

I give it Idon’tgivethingsmarksoutoftenpissoff out of ten.