My dear old aussie chum Daniel Wise’ character get killed a few sessions ago. He was nice enough, between mourning, to fill out another “quite the character” for me.

First Question, what’s your character’s name?

Glade.  (He really doesn’t have a name, the humans around him in the bandit camp where he joined the party called him Glade.  One party member calls him Elf, and the other calls him Mr Tall)

In one sentence please, what’s their race, class, career, gender and any other statistical muck we need to get an “on paper” definition for them?

A male wood elf waywatcher who shoots bows and throws knives

What was your idea of the character when you first created it?

A character who could not speak

How did that work out for you?

Hilariously well.

GM: “You feel like your party is being followed”.  Me: “I say nothing”

PC: “Ok Mr Tall what did you see?” Me: “I draw a picture on the ground”

Me: OOC – “I’ll intimidate him”. IC: “I look at him with my elf eyes”.  GM villager: “Oh god don’t hurt me you monster!!  Don’t take my children!!!”

My character can speak and understand several human nation’s languages.  He just chooses not to sully his tongue with their foul words.

What do you think of your relationship with your GM?

Good.  Now we get in hilariously bad situations because I’m not taking lead all the time

What do you think of your relationship with the other players?

In game one of them is afraid of me, the other one keeps their distance or gets frustrated when I don’t rise to his taunts or even when he tries to talk to me at all.

Has your character had a defining moment that made you rethink how you played them?

Yes actually, in the past I’d try and help my fellow Pc’s out and I was going to be the same, then I realised I don’t care about ugly humans and ditched my party in the middle of a burglary when it was going sour (our grey wizard miscast an invisibility spell and the entire place started to rain frogs and attracted everyone in the house hold, the wizard then tried climb out of a 2nd story window, fell down from it and was chased by the guards).