And lo with a splat Aido lands back in the internet like a vengeful birdshit from on high.

I’m not going to wax rhetoric on why I disappeared, let’s just call it a study gap and leave the leaky details of my personal life in the less than secure box out in the unsupervised alleyway.

The title of this post pretty much says it all, (but it needs more punch, maybe a flash video or something. Oh I know!!!) I kinda got fixated on Castle Drachenfels a while ago and thought how much fun it would be to send my poor bastard players from my ongoing game, (which is pretty much no longer ongoing, alas) trudging through the nightmarish hell of the place, one crazy room at a time. But then I sort of looked at it, having finally bought my first actual campaign set for wfrp3, (sorry Dan, it was witch’s song) and realised I could do a bit more with this. How much more? I’m still finding out.


Witch’s Song finally enamored me back to one of those elements about wfrp3 that most people aren’t prepared to give the time of day to: Tracking tokens. 

Tracking tokens are kind of the final nail in the coffin for a lot of people that have taken the plunge and shelled out for the initially expensive core box for WFRP3. Visualise someone opening said box after purchase:

Ok, all the actions are on cards now? Alright, alright, I dig that. Ok, and…and everything is on cards. I’m sure that makes sense… Somehow… Could have put a bit more into the aul’ rulebooks there lads but…

Ah here…

What’s with all the feckin’ fiddly bits, I thought I bought an RPG not a bleedin’ jigsaw.


The point is that we’re all very mature and we don’t like someone saying “just in case you forget where you are along the plot this handy tracker will help you.” Except that’s not the point at all, because if we were all very mature we wouldn’t be playing RPG’s, we’d be attending to our appalling personal hygiene and blaming back-of-the-alleyway conceptions on booze. More importantly, as my lovely wonderful S.O. is reminded every single day,